The Kilowatts held their “Pack the Park” fundraiser on Sunday. The Granite Falls community did indeed pack the park, the stands and bleachers were filled with fans cheering on the home team. The fundraiser was a success, but the Kilowatts couldn’t match that success on the field. Milroy started strong, scoring three runs in the second inning, and two more in both the third and fourth innings. Later they scored an additional six, bringing the total to 13-0 in a loss for the Kilowatts. Austin Deutz pitched for Milroy. He threw for seven innings, giving up zero runs, zero errors, two hits, and zero walks. Jordan Thompson led off for the Kilowatts. He threw for four innings, giving up seven runs, five errors, eight hits, and four walks. Chase Richter threw for the next inning. He gave up two runs, one error, no hits, and two walks. Tommy Lindstrom closed out the game. He gave up four runs, three errors, one hit, and five walks.

Batting Milroy Brian Dolan 2-1 r 1 Jackson Hughes 1-0 rbi 1 Darrick Allpress 5-0 Andy Schmidt 4-2 r 2 rbi 2 Andrew Mathiowetz 0-0 r 1 Matt Bauer 2-2 r 4 rbi 2 Nolan Schaeffer 3-0 r 2 Nathan Deutz 1-0 Dylan Ceriquet Daniel 5-1 r 2 rbi 1 Aaron Mathioqetz 4-1 r 1 rbi 1 Braydin Kuistero 3-0 rbi 2 Austin Kertsch 4-2 rbi 3 Kilowatts Jordan Odegard 3-0 Brandon Grund 2-0 Craig Listul 3-0 Derek Dyrdahl 2-1 Austin Friese 1-0 Dylan Lindstrom 2-0 Reed Raddatz 1-0 Austin Vikander 2-1 King Richter 1-0 Tommy Lindstrom 2-0 Chase Richter 1-0 Derrick Grund 1-0 Pitching Milroy Austin Deutz ip 7 #p 92 r 0 er 0 h 2 bb 0 Kilowatts Jordan Thompson ip 4.66 #p 100 r 7 er 5 h 8 bb 4 Chase Richter ip 1 #p 31 r 2 er 1 h 0 bb 2 Tommy Lindstrom ip 1.33 #p 40 r 4 er 3 h 1 bb 5