The Star Tribune recently placed the Specialty Manufacturing Company in the top 150 Minnesota Workplaces and ranked first in overall benefits. Company President Daniel McKeown said that normally, the company isn't concerned about "making the news." Some employees nominated the company, wanting to see if they could win an award. According to McKeown, "It speaks strong about the employee satisfaction that they went out and nominated the company." He explained that the company does its own research about employee satisfaction and benefits, but it was valuable to compare themselves to other companies using an outside source. Placing high and winning awards just means they are on the right track.

Minnesota in general places high on employee satisfaction, so to be in the top part ranked near the top in our state is a special achievement. One characteristic of the company that likely inspired the nomination is that the organization is very flat. Employees aren't worried about titles or organization charts. Everyone is willing to help out and no one is above any task, from cleaning up, to loading and unloading valves and parts. The Granite Falls branch recently changed their name from Marr Valve Division to Specialty Dental Division of Specialty Mfg. Co. McKeown stated that the name change doesn't change the parent company's commitment to the area. They have previously invested significantly in the site, and plan to continue to grow it.

McKeown said, "We are a family owned business with over 100 years of service to companies around the globe. Taking excellent care of our customers begins with taking care of our employees and providing an environment of inspiration and innovation. We especially enjoy taking on the manufacturing challenges many of our competitors can't or won't. I am very appreciative of the effort our employees give every day to provide customers with a superior valve." The Specialty Manufacturing Company also wants to congratulate all the companies honored this year. Each recognized organization is uniquely distinguished and has earned the respect of its employees and the community.