The team at Chippewa County Montevideo Hospital is pleased to welcome to our community and CCMH, Dr. Chase Osbon, MD. Dr. Osbon studied at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi and has completed his residency at Ventura County Medical Center in California. Dr. Osbon’s specialties include traditional family medicine and obstetrics. “I have children of my own and enjoy 4-6 year old banter.

Also the positivity and excitement from a mother-to-be is contagious and makes the rest of the day better. Furthermore, I enjoy seeing a variety of patients and treating a myriad of conditions so family medicine was the perfect fit for me”. Dr. Osbon is originally from West Monroe, Louisiana. His family includes his wife, Lindsay and four children: Connor 15, Ally 8, Piper 2, and Jeremiah 9 months. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, baseball games, cooking, and cheering on Ole Miss and the New Orleans Saints.

Growing up in a small town, Dr. Osbon’s eyes were opened to the problems of health care shortages and lack of access in small town communities. Throughout Dr. Osbon’s journey to becoming a physician he’s also discovered that home is more about the people rather than the place. Having a strong sense of pride in your community is a very important trait to have in small town areas in order for them to flourish and succeed.

“For me, the most rewarding aspect in medicine is providing exceptional health care to patients with limited resources or access. This is the foundation for everything that I’ve accomplished since starting medical school, and has led me from Mississippi to California and now to Minnesota.”

If you’ve ever read an article about a physician from the 1950s or seen the movie “Doc Hollywood” then you might have an idea about what Dr. Osbon was looking for when he started searching for an opportunity to begin his practice. He had a clear vision of what he wanted for himself and his family. One of the things at the top of Dr. Osbon’s list was fulfilling a need within a small-town community because he had never imagined himself living in the suburbs and being just another doc in the city.

Over the course of a year he spoke with numerous people over the phone and engaged in several interviews searching for his perfect fit, not willing to settle. What really sold him on CCMH was the hospitality shown by Jeremiah Lindgren, COO and former administrator, Mark Paulson who agreed to take him to and from Minneapolis in the midst of a snow storm, as he had never driven in the snow. “The Christmas lights were still up, which reminded me of my home town although it was much prettier in the snow and the people in town and at the hospital were so inviting that I just knew this was the place for me”.

Dr. Osbon is excited to meet his new patients as well as getting to know the fellow staff at CCMH and the surrounding area. “This has been a long journey and I’m excited to finally be out on my own and get the chance to make an impact here while serving the Montevideo community and surrounding areas”. CCMH is now accepting appointments for Dr. Osbon who will be joining our team August 8, 2017. If you would like to schedule an appointment with him please call 320-269-6438.