During the Clarkfield city council meeting on Tuesday, July 18, Dwayne Skinner from Great Plains followed up with city councilors over a request to rent the garage at City Hall. Great Plains hopes to store equipment, maps, and paperwork in the facility as part of their gasoline infrastructure project. The project entails installing polyethylene pipes, new meters, and new valves in Clarkfield. The council responded hesitantly, noting that they would lose access to a valuable community space, and suggested alternative locations Great Plains might use.

In other news:

•The council congratulated organizers on the success of Clarkfield Cardinal Days, noting that more meals were sold on Saturday than during the whole of last year’s festivities.

•Councilmembers reminded residents that National Night Out is happening on Tuesday, August 1 from 5:30 until 7 p.m.

•City Administrator Amanda Lupke updated the council on her recent meetings with several architects who were evaluating the high school to make bids for demolition.

•Mayor Lobdell was approached by a citizen who wanted to know if the Clarkfield Daycare Center could include a childcare center. Lupke said this would be difficult. Specifically, she noted that in order for child care centers to comply with building regulations, they are required to have a playground within 1,500 feet of the building or have a fenced in play area on site. She also added that problems with adjustments to the parking lot, and problems with heading and space constraints, would make the project prohibitively expensive.