Due to the severe drought in the Dakotas and Montana, emergency haying and grazing of Conservation Reserve Program acres has been authorized. Our county has been included in this authorization due to being within 150 miles of the affected area. Haying and grazing is limited to the following CRP practices: CP-1, CP-2, CP4D, CP-10, CP-18C and CP-38E.

Haying and grazing of filter strips or wetland restorations is not permitted. The details are as follows: CRP producers must request permission and obtain approval from our County Committee before beginning haying/grazing. CRP participants may use the acreage or grant a livestock producer permission to use the acreage. Hay may not be sold. There is no payment reduction in the annual rental payment. Further questions can be addressed to the Yellow Medicine County FSA Office at 320-669-4492.

In other news:

While the certification (crop reporting) deadline has come and gone, the deadline to enroll in ARCPLC is quickly approaching on August 1. ARCPLC is a program that you enroll in on a yearly basis. If you haven’t enrolled, please stop in our office to do so.

Also, if you need to get a landowner’s signature or cash lease document returned, now is the time! Dairy producers – you’ll be receiving a postcard shortly from the national office informing you of the upcoming MPP enrollment start date of September 1.

Other dates to remember:

August 1: Final date to request 2017 transfers of farm records August 1: Final date to request 2017 farm reconstitutions August 1: Final date to submit county committee nomination *Sept. 1: First date to elect annual coverage for MPP *Please Note This Date Change*