The Yellow Medicine East school board met to hear an update from Food Service Director Marlys Lecroix. She presented her process for assembling a menu. She has to fulfill USDA requirements for numerous variables, including total calories, servings of green vegetables, red and orange vegetables, starches, fruit, milk, and protein. There are also caps on sodium and trans fats, although there is no limit on sugar. She has been working on expanding the menu options. Her goal is to have a two month rotation with not a lot of repeat meals.

The Board voted to transfer funds from the General Fund to Food Services to zero out the $31,000 deficit accrued during the past year. During the 2016-2017 year the school switched to Reinhart Food Services. This caused about $15,000-16,000 loss in commodity transfer. Another issue is delinquent lunch accounts. Lecroix has collected about $4000 over the summer from families with a negative lunch money balance, which helps reduce the deficit.

Board member Steve Rupp pulled up information on other school's lunch programs in the Camden conference. He questioned why other schools were charging about $0.20-0.40 less per lunch, and why YME was still running at a deficit. Some factors involved are the change in food service providers, change in staff, limited staff, space, and equipment, and YME doesn't currently have closed lunch, students are allowed to leave. This makes preparing tougher to predict. The board discussed forming a committee to assist Lecroix with getting the help she needs.

In other news:

The Board will explore figuring out procedure for implementing e-learning during the 2017-2018 year. Minnesota statute allows for up to five days to be e-learning days, usually in case of snow or inclement weather to avoid make-up days.

Another Minnesota Statute that recently passed was that the State will no longer fund ACT tests. The board will discuss if they want to continue to offer the test. It costs about $60 per student.

Superintendent Dr. Clark clarified that the Prairieland Five program is closed down, but the Headstart Program will be offered in the fall. The school has a contract and a teacher for it ready to go.

YME has purchased 130 Chrome books. The goal is for the school to have one to one technology for the 2018-2019 school year.

The Upper Sioux Community donated $60,000 to the school district to help upgrade security systems.