Back in July, I noticed a red rock sitting on the hill by the foot bridge. It stood out, and I saw it had "Rock on," painted on it. It made me smile. A few days later I found one by a fire hydrant in Rice Park that said "Find your fire." I wondered who painted the rocks, but didn't have much info to go on.

In August another rock popped up downtown on Providence, this one said "You matter," and on the back was a clue. There was a note attached that mentioned Janna Wood Rocks. Woods was a crime prevention specialist and social media manager for the Shakopee Police Department who died of a brain hemorrage in February. This idea of hiding painted rocks with positive messages was started by Jan Marquardt, mother of Nicki Remme, Wood's dear friend.

There are several different claims for where the painted rock trend originated, from Washington to Massachusetts. The idea is for members of a community to paint rocks with positive messages, and hide them around the community for others to find and brighten their day.

Social media is a great place for leaving hints and posting pictures of the rocks you find. Post on our Facebook page if you find any more rocks around Granite Falls, or hint if you decide to leave some around.