State officials recently approved the equipment list for Pioneer Public TV’s state grant, so we now have permission to order equipment. We are ordering furniture now, but it could take twelve weeks for furniture to arrive, plus a week for assembly and installation. Computer and phone systems will be installed during the two weeks after the furniture is installed. This means the office space should be ready for the administrative staff group in early winter. After the first group of staff moves in, there will be three more groups moving in 2018: production, engineering, and master control. Before we move master control, we have to set up microwave relay connections from the new building to our transmitter site. To get those connections established, we will build relay towers during the 2018 construction season. The new building will be known as the Ron and Diane Fagen Building. Pioneer Public TV greatly appreciate the generosity of Ron and Diane for all they have done. We are also very excited about our future in Granite Falls!