The Minnesota Judicial Court moved its monthly meeting from St. Paul to the Granite Falls Justice Center last week. The Justice Center recently finished construction after opening last fall. Chief Justice Gildea presented a plaque during the dedication ceremony. “The Yellow Medicine County Justice Center in Granite Falls is a magnificent new facility,'' said Gildea.

Gildea’s presentation included an emphasis on the partnership between the state and counties. "This wonderful Justice Center that you have built and the people who serve in it are living out the promise in our constitution that the government will keep the people secure, will work for the people's benefit and will work to protect them,''

According to Gildea, the needs of the courts are growing. The state’s courts are seeing an increase in the number of cases involving serious crime, drugs, and child protection. District courts are a state function, but run out of county-owned courthouses. The court system was awarded about $1 million in grants, but received $3.4 million in requests for upgrades and staffing.

"That means our justice system relies on strong local partnerships and the investments of communities across the state to provide safe, secure and accessible locations for the people to bring their cases to the courts,'' Gildea said. She commended Yellow Medicine County for investing in the Justice Center.