On Sunday, September 10th, Granite Falls Lutheran Church held a ‘Rally Sunday Celebration’ to begin their new year of children’s classes and activities. At the conclusion of this celebration, each child and their parents created ‘Prayer Balloons’ by writing short prayers on multi-colored, helium-filled balloons. These ‘Prayer Balloons’ were then released together outdoors on Sunday, carried away quickly by the brisk September wind.

It appeared that the balloons were traveling so fast that they would probably be in North Dakota by evening! A few days later, an article in the Advocate Tribune told of ‘Mysterious Red Balloons’ showing up in curious locations throughout Granite Falls. In fact it seemed that these balloons might be a part of a prank about a recently released horror film based on a Stephen King Novel. Upon reading the news article, members of Granite Falls Lutheran began wondering if the two balloon incidents may have been connected. However, the “Mysterious Red Balloons’ were found on September 8th, and the ‘Prayer Balloons’ were released on September 10th...so the mystery continues...at least here in Granite Falls! But perhaps now there are innocent residents in North Dakota are still wondering if Stephen King paid a visit to their community too!