Last week Adrian Lee, paranormal investigator, author, founder of The International Paranormal Society (TIPS), self proclaimed psychic, and host of the podcast “More Questions than Answers,” visited Granite Falls to give a speech on paranormal activity and his investigations. Lee showed off some of the evidence he has collected like pictures, video and audio of supposed ghosts.

Lee also claims to have directly communicated with several ghosts as documented in his book Mysterious Midwest: Unwrapping Urban Legends and Ghostly Tales from the Dead. Lee spoke to a crowd of over 150 people at the Kilowatt Community Center about his research and education on the paranormal world. He talked about the several of the other books he has written including Mysterious Minnesota: Digging up the Ghostly Past at 13 Haunted Sites, How to be a Christian Psychic: what the Bible says about Mediums, Healers and Paranormal Investigators, and Tales from a Pioneer Town: the Earliest Stories of Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

Lee has been on a tour of southwest Minnesota, stopping in several towns and sharing some of his findings which range from ghosts to aliens and UFOs. Whether people believed what they were shown or not, everyone seemed to be entertained and it was a very interesting event.