The Girls’ Tennis team competed against Lac qui Parle Valley on Tuesday. YME lost overall, so they are out of the team tournament. Two doubles teams and two single players will be selected to compete in dividual sections, which start on Oct. 16th.


1. Anne Clarke vs Molly Hacker Y 6-4 6-1

2. Whitney Tennis vs Ashtyn Oie Y 7-5 7-6

3. Chelsea Hoernemann vs Anna Hacker L 6-3 6-0

4. Emily Johnson vs Addie Oie L 6-1 7-6


1. Chelsey Niemeyer and Macie Sik vs Courtney Hanson and Jessica Sigdahl L 6-0 6-2

2. Hannah Lecy and Emilee Speh vs Rachel Halvorson and Bree Kalhoff L 6-1 6-1

3. Ashley Niemeyer and Cherish Hammer vs Gionna Parsa and Veda Maharaj L 6-4 6-1