The Granite Falls Fire Department held an open house as part of National Fire Prevention Week. Families came to check out the fire trucks, play games, including knocking cones over with a fire hose, enjoy food and learn about fire safety.

This year’s theme is “Two ways out.” The idea is to have everyone know two ways to get out of your house, because one way may end up blocked in an emergency. Another important aspect is having a safety plan - knowing where to meet up so families can keep track of everybody.

The department shared these tips:

• The most important thing to do is replace the batteries in the smoke detectors.

• Don’t be afraid of firemen, come to them.

• Keep doors closed to help prevent the fire from spreading.

• Electrical problems are common sources of fires. Make sure energy-intensive devices like refrigerators are plugged directly into the wall. Don’t put extension cords under carpet.