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MLK DAY: Links to MLK content, including a special prepared page, are in this package. (We will add links as new content is posted.)
SPECIFICS ON INAUGURATION PLANS: Find answers to your questions about the inauguration special section plans and more on
INAUGURATION DONATIONS: Track local donations to Obama’s inauguration.
BEST OF GATEHOUSE: The deadline to submit entries for the Best of GateHouse 2008 contest is FRIDAY. See more details at
NIE PAGE: Presidential lunch.
Lifestyles (topic is health)

MORNING MINUTES: Note: we’re adding a little “today in history” beginning Monday. And we’ll still offer Word of the Day, Web Site of the Day and Number to Know.
FAMILY MAGAZINE: I love you because (for February).
HEALTH WATCH: Insight into causes of migraine could lead to relief - Weekly health rail, with items on migraines, laughing gas at the dentist, lowering cholesterol, and more.
HEALTH PAGE: Surgery offers new options for kids with cerebral palsy
HEALTH VIDEO: Fit into your 60s
BONE UP ON CALCIUM: Preserving bone health in women is not as simple as popping a calcium pill. Surprisingly, ongoing research has yet to determine an exact mix of minerals and dosages and how best to ensure they are being absorbed. Here’s a look at what experts recommend to make stronger bones a snap. SUBURBAN LIFE
(with multiple breakouts)
SNOWMOBILING: Risk depends on the rider
WAYNE WESTCOTT: Don’t forget to stretch
JULIE FAY: Arranging a playdate isn’t kid stuff
SUDOKU: Puzzles 190-217 are now posted. Sudoku links package can be found here:
DEFIANCE: Accidental filmmaker Edward Zwick tells a little-known tale of WWII Jewish resistance in "Defiance."
The FARR SIDE: Before new ‘American Idol’ begins, a look back at ’08
‘CHE’ - SODERBERGH: Soderbergh has unique relationship to 'Che'
‘CHE DEL TORO: Benicio Del Toro takes on role of revolutionary 'Che'

KENT BUSH: Inauguration is Obama‚s chance to help revitalize a nation.

DAN HALL: Barack Obama is doing more to have a real „people‚s‰ celebration than any president since Andrew Jackson threw open the White House doors in 1829. Moreover, now is exactly the right time for it.
JEFF VRABEL: We’re ready for some (expensive) Disney magic
CHARITA GOSHAY: Can George W. Bush be Harry Truman? Only time will tell
JEFF ADAIR: Speeding tickets instead of overrides
DAN MAC ALPINE: Tax cuts too sweet for stimulus package?
DANNY HENLY: Dealing with a lack of guilt
CULTURE CLASH: If ’09 is promising change, here’s our list of requests
EDITORIAL: Learning the value of a vocal opposition - Flush with victory after the November elections, Democrats controlling the U.S. House solidified their power last week as the new Congress came into session, ramming through new rules to inconvenience minority Republicans. The move, which essentially cuts off an avenue the GOP used to influence, and sometimes halt, legislation during the last two years of Democratic control, isn't consistent with the spirit President-elect Barack Obama is trying to bring to Washington, and doesn't serve the cause of democracy. An editorial from the Peoria Journal Star.

EDITORIAL: Time to turn our energy to the fight in Afghanistan - Things are not going well in the oft-forgotten main theater of the United States' war on terror. By many accounts, Afghanistan is an even more war-torn and divided country than it's been since the U.S.-led offensive that toppled the Taliban in 2001. Now insurgents are challenging the U.S.-backed government for supremacy - and may be making gains. This creates a host of problems that the incoming Obama administration cannot allow to persist or grow. An editorial from the Peoria Journal Star.
FOOTBALL BRIEFS: PFW news on the high-profile playoff performers who could be on the move and more.
FAIMON ROBERTS: Lessons from the 2008 college football season
MIKE NADEL: Monday's announcement that Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice will be enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2009 - and that Mark Grace and the 20 others on the ballot won't be - got me thinking: Who among today's active ballplayers will make it? Let's handicap the field. Will be posted this evening.
OBAMA’S PILGRIM ROOTS: Obama’s roots trace back to Plymouth and New World's earliest settlers   - The Hawaiian-born, half-Kenyan president-elect is a direct, 13th-generation descendant of Thomas Blossom, one of the Plymouth colony’s earliest settlers.
Ledger, Lambert, on wire now
With two illustrations and sidebars
OBAMA’S TEAM: Who's who in Obama's White House. Here’s a list that we’re continually updating: Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, Ronald A. Klain, Phil Sciliro, David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs, Ellen Moran, Dan Pfeiffer, Lawrence Summers, Timothy Geithner, Melody Barnes, Christina Romer, Heather A. Higginbottom, Alyssa Mastromonaco, Peter Orszag, Rob Nabors, Austan Goolsbee, Paul Volcker, Jonathan Favreau, Cecilia Muñoz, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, James Jones, Robert Gates, Janet Napolitano, Susan Rice, Louis Caldera, Bill Richardson, Eric K. Shinseki, Tom Daschle, Jeanne M. Lambrew, Arne Duncan, Tom Vilsack and Ken Salazar.
INAUGURATION: Check out our links package of the prepared preview page of the inauguration, as well as other content.
CELL PHONE BAN FOR DRIVERS: Cell phone ban for drivers: Is it called for? A national safety group is calling on states to require drivers to hang up and focus on the road, and many drivers are agreeing with them, to a degree. MetroWest, Hatch, on wire now
Business / Ag
HOW DID WE GET TO THIS CRISIS? ‘Perfect storm’ led to financial crisis, adviser says
CHECKOUT LANE: Find a gym that's fit for you
MAKING CENTS: Watch over your money to avoid scandals
KEEPING CUSTOMERS HAPPY: In hard times, customer service becomes even more important – (GREAT TO LOCALIZE BY TALKING TO SMALL BUSINESSES IN YOUR AREA ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE) ROCKFORD – Business owners may not be able to control the stock market or unemployment rates or the cost of gas. But when it comes to staying in business, they must keep a tight leash on at least one critical aspect: how they treat their customers. By Sean F. Driscoll of the Rockford Register Star.