State Briefs 4/22/09

High school fishing team pulls man from lake

CANTON – Fast action by a high school fishing team likely saved the life of another angler on Saturday at Banner Marsh State Fish and Wildlife Area.

Roger Holmes of Elmwood was captaining a boat for the Elmwood High School fishing team Saturday morning on Banner's Johnson Lake. Also in the boat were high schoolers Isaac Ramsay and Landon Wineland.

While fishing the deep, main bowl of Johnson Lake about 11:40 a.m., Holmes said he heard "a commotion." Another boat had capsized.

Two anglers in the capsized boat started swimming for shore from the middle of the deep strip-mine lake. The third angler, who was not wearing a life jacket, could only flail the water.

By the time Holmes motored over, the man’s head was under water and only his hands were above the surface. While Holmes held the man's arm, Ramsay grabbed a leg. Together they hauled the man safely to shore.

Another group of fishermen dragged the capsized boat to shore. Eventually, all three anglers and the boat were hauled safely back to the ramp at the Main Access Area.

Peoria Journal Star

Man wanders into school

PEORIA – District 150 and Peoria police assisted by civilians helped subdue a man who was behaving strangely and entered Peoria High School last week after many students had left for the day.

The man, an adult who is not a student at the high school, was taken for psychiatric care at Methodist Medical Center, police said.

According to district spokeswoman Stacey Shangraw, the man entered a locker room at the school late in the afternoon on April 14. A school employee immediately noticed the man - whose name, address and age were not disclosed by police - and asked him to leave the campus.

The man did not respond to questions or talk, and continued to engage in bizarre behavior, police said. Campus security was called, followed by a call to Peoria police.

Police used pepper spray and multiple Taser charges, and civilians assisted city and campus police in subduing the man in the locker room.

Peoria Journal Star

Accused murderer charged in jail incident

GALESBURG – Four counts of aggravated battery and one count of criminal damage to governmental property have been filed against a Sterling man in jail on several murder charges.

The new charges, two counts of aggravated battery to a correctional officer and two counts of aggravated battery to law enforcement officials were filed in Knox County Circuit Court Wednesday after an incident Friday at the Knox County jail involving Nicholas Sheley.

Knox County Sheriff David Clague said on Friday at about 2:45 p.m., Sheley covered the video camera in the maximum-security day room area. Correctional officers attempted to communicate with Sheley and ordered him back into his cell. After receiving no response from Sheley, correctional officers entered the area for the safety of Sheley. Sheley had disassembled the legs of a chair and threw the four chair legs at the officers. Sheley was restrained without further incident.

Although deputies were injured during the incident, none required medical treatment.

Sheley has been involved in at least three other incidents since being housed at the facility. He faces 17 counts, including 10 counts of first degree murder in the death of Ronald Randall of Galesburg. He also is facing first-degree murder charges in Whiteside county and Missouri in connection with a killing spree that left eight people dead. He faces the death penalty if convicted.

Galesburg Register-Mail

Gun rumors send police to school

SPRINGFIELD – Springfield police went to Lanphier High School Wednesday morning after learning of rumors that a student took a gun to school.

No shots were fired, and no gun was found. The 15-year-old student has been questioned, according to the police department. Jimmy Rice, spokesman for Springfield School District 186, said the school was never on lock-down status, and students have been moving freely about the building.

Rice said the reports of a gun were a rumor and that no students or staff were ever in danger.

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