A soothing spice, that is all I need on days that my eyes are bulging and my head is rushing and my emotions only have two settings, mad and furious.  I find myself saying it out loud sometimes while digging in my tea cupboard...."I just need a soothing spice, some soothing spicey tea..."  

Some of my favorite flavors of tea when I am really in need of a vacation in a cup (and coffee isn't an option) are:




Mostly I use a flavored tea bag that is purchased in the store.  I do purchase lemons often and could figure out a way to make it (does squeezing it into hot water count as "tea"?).  Mint grows in my garden thanks to my genius idea two summers ago to buy it and plant it.  Did I say 'garden'?  I meant EVERYWHERE!  (Garden hint: mint is an agressive grower and loves to find its way every where and happens to grow in all types of soil, in any weather.  Once you plant it, you will never get rid of the blessed stuff without using Round-up).  And, frankly I don't even know what chamomille is!  Is it a flower?  An herb?  A tree?

So, if today finds you leaning more into the mad/furious spectrum of your emotions, maybe a little dose of spice in the form of a cup of tea would help calm your nerves.  If you need to make it Irish coffee, no one will need to know!