Great News from the Yellow Medicine County Museum: We have finally finished archiving the birth records for Yellow Medicine County from 1870 to 1910.

Great News from the Yellow Medicine County Museum:  We have finally finished archiving the birth records for Yellow Medicine County from 1870 to 1910.  
We have archived over 13,000 birth  records.  Consequently, genealogists and other researchers can access these records via our county website or can come to our museum to look at the information.  
Birth records for these years were never shared between Yellow Medicine County and the State of Minnesota.  Therefore, the state does not have them on the State Birth Records Website.  However, this will change because I will be e-mailing the State Historical Society a copy of the data-set.  They will then integrate the new information with the birth records they already have on file.  Therefore, for the first time ever one can access birth records from 1870 to 2000 via either the county or state websites.  
To look at the birth records from 1870 to 1910 login to Yellow Medicine Counties' website and go to departments where you will choose the Yellow Medicine County Museum, then click on the birth records i-con.  The data set runs with Microsoft Excel.  Consequently if you do not have Microsoft Excel on your computer you can use to link to Microsoft Excel that we have provided to look at the birth records file.  If you have questions call Brian at 320-564-4479.  
Thanks to Dennis Pederson at the county courthouse for setting this website up for everyone.  I would also like to issue a huge thank you to the ladies who helped me on the project: Paulette Grieger, Jane Remiger, Carol Sheveland, Barb Schueler, and our financial officer LouAnne Kling.  Thanks to all these ladies their editorial and financial help.
    In August, the museum is sponsoring a cultural heritage day where representatives from each cultural group in the county can come and display ethnic foods, dress, music, dance or anything else related to their culture.  Consequently, we are looking for people from the following cultural groups to man a table or booth: Dakota, Norwegian, German, Swedish, Czech, and Hispanic or Latino.  Anyone interested in sharing their cultural heritage with the public please call Brian at the aforementioned number.
We have marked our Yellow Medicine County History books, both Rose and Narvestad, down in price from $80.00 to $60.00.   They would make a great present for anybody interested in history or for those wanting to discover their ancestors.  This is a permanent markdown, so drop by the museum and pick up a copy of either or both books and save $20 a piece.