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Cooperatives are about to make a boom in Granite Falls, at least if the budding Bluenose Gopher Brewery has their way.
Started last year, the cooperative brewery is moving into the next phase of production by selling memberships at an event that details the relationship between the cooperative business model and Andrew Volstead, as well as officially introducing the brewery.
“In addition to making craft beer, which a lot of people are into these days, we also wanted to show this cooperative model, to let other people use our model to start, let’s say a food co-op,” said Mary Gillespie, one of the founding members of the Bluenose Gopher Brewery.
The goal for the group is to start a prohibition-themed brewpub in downtown Granite Falls featuring local food and of course their own craft beer. But in the vein of what Volstead imagined for potential of cooperatives through his Capper-Volstead act, that isn’t all the brewery hopes to achieve.
“We want to offer a community place for people to gather,” Gillespie said. “Part of our mission statement is to get community involvement, or host community events.”
The first presentation starts at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday at the Andrew Volstead House, and will feature a history of cooperatives, as well as providing an opportunity for interested members to ask questions   
For more information including a membership form, visit the Bluenose Gopher website at