Thanks to generous donors, BRE’s students are enjoying healthy and nutritious snacks this school year without putting extra pressure on their parent’s wallets.

Thanks to generous donors, BRE’s students are enjoying healthy and nutritious snacks this school year without putting extra pressure on their parent’s wallets.

Until the 2015-2016 school year, BRE parents of K-2 students had to dish out an average fee of around 40 dollars to pay for a daily healthy snack for their child throughout the school year. This fee was due at the beginning of the school year each year and was included on the school supply list, meaning that not only were families responsible for paying for new school supplies, but were burdened with an extra fee. With high numbers of families below the poverty line, this fee became a struggling point for some.

Bringing a sigh of relief to struggling families, the district sent out letters stating that it was decided upon that the district will not charge BRE families for the healthy snack program any longer.

However, the program still needed to be funded. The healthy snack program costs approximately $62 a day for 180 students. To help offset the costs, the district sent blank envelopes out with the letters so that those who wished to could send in a donation .

Monetary responses ranging from small amounts to large sums were sent back to BRE in the envelopes. Along with individual donations, the envelopes helped to wrangle in over $1,500 for the program.

The healthy snack program was jump-started by more than just the envelopes as well. Donations from community organizations came buzzing in to BRE, with the Lion’s Club donating $300 and the Kiwanis Club sending $3500. To add to the donation list, Investor’s Choice Financial Services, co-founded by Jim and Carla Goedtke donated $1,000 as a part of their ‘20 for Twenty’ event where the company presented $20,000 in donations to differentarea organizations and school districts.

To fill in any gaps in funding, Principal Lisa Hansen is looking at a variety of local grants. She also explained that the school board is committed to help out, if needed.

“I think overall for our families that struggle financially to make ends meet, I’m hoping it took a burden off of them, that they didn’t have to worry about it,” explained Principal Lisa Hansen.

The healthy snack program consists of a healthy food item and a milk, is given to the students once a day. Food Service Director Val Wensauer has been instrumental in helping to bring healthy and nutritious foods to the table for the young students to enjoy.

“Val has been instrumental in getting the healthy snack program really going,” stated Hansen.

The snack often consists of items such as carrots, bananas, apples, sunflower kernels, oatmeal bars, and more. These snacks are in compliance with new government regulations and with different food allergies. Teachers and Hansen have been sure to communicate witheach other  about the different options

“We have found out pretty quickly what some of the favorites are. We’re anxious to try to bring in some more fresh fruit and veggies.

In the end, BRE students will get to continue munching on all storts of healthy goodies thanks to the generosity of the donors.

Hansen stated that, “We wanted all of the students to have this every day and that it was not a financial burden for the families.”