Those looking to touch up their look or tame their locks in Clarkfield now will not have to travel far thanks to a new hair salon in town. Hill’s Hair Shoppe has set up shop in Clarkfield and is now open for business.

Those looking to touch up their look or tame their locks in Clarkfield now will not have to travel far thanks to a new hair salon in town. Hill’s Hair Shoppe has set up shop in Clarkfield and is now open for business.

The owner, Hillary Riecke established her own business’s roots in a store front located at 901 10th Ave in the small town. The Hair Shoppe is located in a former gas station and mechanic’s shop with the main section of the business being where the old car lifts were. This means that guests are treated to bright, high, ceilings that create a pleasant open feeling in the room.

Renovated with modern colors and decor, the Hair Shoppe invites customers in to have Riecke work her magic. Riecke offers a variety of services: men’s, women’s, and children’s cuts, manicures, pedicures, Jamboree nail wraps, gell polish jobs, and facial waxing. Riecke’s women’s cuts also are full service, and include the traditional wash, cut, and style.

Coming full circle
Orignally from Montevideo, Riecke had not always had her mind set on cutting hair. Riecke had left the area after high school, in a typical ‘get out of town’ fashion, and ended up in the Twin Cities and later on Chicago. In the meantime, she took a job as a flight attendant.

Seeing the United States and Canada from the air constantly, Riecke explained that she absolutely loved it. But wanting to finally be home with family, she slowly made her way back to the area. Set on a new career, she graduated from  ‘hair school’ at Ridgewater College. The call to cut hair outweighed her decision to go into fields such as childcare. Cutting hair is her creative outlet, she explained, “It’s kind of a way to get a little bit of my creativity out.”

After graduating from Ridgewater, Riecke started out working in  Marshall in a variety of places. But  she knew she wanted to be closer to home, especially once she had children. She later started scoping out the area for a spot to open up her own hair business.

Landing in Clarkfield due to the prime location of her new business, Riecke set up shop in her current location. With the help of her friend Jen at the Montevideo Home Store, the pair got to work designing what the new shop would look like. Hoping to serve a wide customer base, she set her sites on a specific design.
She explained, “I wanted it to be not too feminie, because a big reason why I came is a lot of guys are saying, we need somewhere we can just come in a day or a walk-in. That was two of the big things.”

Settling on a cool teal color mixed with creamy, modern whites, the Hair Shoppe was ready to go. After renovations starting in March, the Shoppe was open officially on June 21 and business has been quite busy.

Riecke exclaimed, “It seems like it’s been so much longer, it’s been busy!”

Hair Cuts and Community

Riecke’s hope is that by having a business such as hers in Clarkfield that she can serve a wide customer base. With both a growing young population in Clarkfield and a population of elderly locals, Riecke’s Shoppe hopes to be a new destination for the community.

“Clarkfield has become such a young community, with people coming in and buying housing and being able to drive to work, I just wanted to be able to offer something else to the community, not just the young people, but everybody. With the elderly, who don’t necessarily don’t want to drive out of town to get  a haircut or a manicure, or pedicure.”

With a recent push to bring and maintain business into Clarkfield, Riecke now has joined the ranks of business owners in downtown Clarkfield.

“My goal and my hope is to really to just bring something different to the community and to be able to not just live in the community, but to be a presence in the community. And to be able to bring a little bit of something more to Clarkfield.”

The Clarkfield Community has in turn been receptive to their new local hairdresser She stated, “It’s been great, everybody’s been super receptive, coming by, saying ‘hi’, making sure I have what I need, ‘is there anything we can help you out with, we’re glad you’re here.” It’s been very welcoming and very warming. It’s  nice! It’s kind of like I feel like I’m a part of the club, the Clarkfield business club.”

With Prairie Cardinal Days coming up in the end of July, Riecke is hoping to have a Grand Opening event during the week of the celebration. Riecke expressed her excitement in joining in on the community events as a Clarkfield business owner.

“There are so many different community events, the young people are really bringing those back. I hope that I’ll be able to help out with those and not just with offering services and the business, but to be able to be involved. My kids are getting older and I want to bring them to more community functions.”

Riecke can be contacted on her Facebook page titled “Hill’s Hair Shoppe LLC’ or by calling her at (320) 226-6589.