Local cowboy Tanner Aus is back in action. He recently competed in the Colorado vs the World rodeo. In the semifinals, he was ranked 4th, earning him $350. He ended up finishing 2nd behind Richmond Champion, scoring 85 points in his ride for that round. Aus was awarded $1000 for making it to the finals, bringing his purse total to $1350 for the event.

According to Beastmaster Rodeo, during Bareback event, riders and horses are scored individually from 0-50 points. The combined total is the score. Scores in the 80s are good, 90s are exceptional.

Also, it’s interesting that while the cowboy has to spur the horse, both during the first jump out of the gate and rhythmically during the ride, the idea is not to cause the horse pain.According to Cowboyway, pain will interfere with the horse’s ability to buck athletically. A horse in pain will simply try to flee. Some rodeos use a flank strap. These encourage the horse to kick straighter and higher, making himself harder to ride.

However, horses can quickly adapt to the strap, so pickup men try to get it off the horse as quickly as possible. There’s also the obvious financial incentive to take care good care of the horses. Bucking horses are specifcally bred, so replacing one is expensive.

Horses have been domesticated for warfare, farmwork, and riding. Bucking horses are rarer, because typically people want them to be gentle, and trainable. Bucking horses that make it to the rodeo circuit don’t have to have their instincts broken, they are prized for it.