City Administrator Amanda Luepke and Deputy City Clerk Teather Bliss have been continuing their work of streamlining processes and improving efficiencies for many aspects of their roles and the roles of the council. Some citizens came to the meeting to compliment the new user-friendly website and facebook page. They discussed giving Bliss permission to pick up assorted bank statements while she was out running other necessary errands, removing the need for two separate trips. Another aspect explored was the idea of simply paying recurring bills, and giving a report to the council, instead of the council needing to approve the same bills every month. Irregular bills will still be brought to the council for approval.

The Fire Department has received new helmets. Regulations changed and the department has some now outdated equipment. They are planning to donate the older equipment to the DNR, and typically what happens is that equipment goes to third world countries with less regulations or no existing equipment. Since the equipment is city property, the council had to approve it, which they did. The Clarkfield Fire Department is also looking in to getting a gear washer and dryer. The problem is contaminants from a fire are remaining on the equipment, which can lead to potentially cancer or other diseases. The equipment can't be washed in a normal washer because it would contaminate it for future use.

In other news:

• Paul Anspach has purchased the DNR building, and is planning to rebuild it and use it for storage for his tractor, firewood, and other equipment.

• The Task Force toured the abandoned school. The damage was not as bad as expected, councilmembers Sue Fritz and Dale Stringer reported that they saw a lot of potential. ª Dustin Kramer was appointed the new Public Works Director.

• Deb Bruflat was approved to be the new Library Board member.

• The Yellow Medicine County Soil and Water Dept. requested to have late fees waived. The reason is that the board meets at the end of the month, and has to approve paying the bill, so when the bill comes at the beginning of the month, it can't get paid until the board approves it. Mayor Jeff Lobdell pointed out that YMC has helped out Clarkfield immensely numerous times, and felt it is beneficial to work with them on this issue. Jerry Kaupang disagreed and voted against the motion. The council added a clause that the reason they are waiving late fees is because of the approval process.