The first steps were made at the last Granite Falls City Council meeting towards the possibility of having the Kilowatt Community Center accessible to the public on a 24/7 basis KCC Director Nick Richter was present at the council meeting last Tuesday, January 17, to discuss the possibility with the council about the idea and costs associated with it.

Richter explained how the concept has been brought up to him multiple times about having the KCC open on a 24/7 basis. He also explained how this is an issue that the KCC board addresses at least once or twice a year. “It’s something that’s been brought up continually over the years and we feel that it’s something we should look into,” explained Richter. According to Richter, if the KCC was to become a 24/7 facility, then portions of the building such as the fitness room and walking track would be open. There would be a single access door in the front of the KCC and new camera system updates might be needed.

In addition, since the current key situation in the building is not geared towards 24/7 access policies, a badge or key fob system or a similar identification system would be necessary to install. Video surveillance equipment is a key aspect that is necessary for a possible transition to a 24/7 facility.

City Manager Crystal Johnson stated, “We would be able to see who went in, what time, everything would be under camera.” Currently, there is no firm decision on whether or not the facility will indeed switch over to a 24/7 system. However, the KCC is now entering the process of looking for quotes from various vendors that would give a clear assesment of what the price would be to do so. The council unanimously approved a motion that giving permission for the KCC to call for the quotes to see what the costs will be to go to 24/7 hours.