Last Thursday, the Sting faced off against KMS. The Saints were playing a man to man defense. The Sting moved around a lot, which created openings for shots. The Sting did not score any 3 pointers, but they had solid penetration and free throws, and were able to capitalize on break-aways. The Sting did a great job defensively keeping the Saints outside the paint. They maintained a 5 point lead for a good chunk of the game.

The back part of the second half was a close back and forth battle. You could feel the tension in the arena during the last 3 minutes of play. The Sting had a very narrow 2-3 point lead. The Saints kept fouling to stop the clock, but the Sting free throws kept going in, preserving the lead and winning the game.

The top scorers for YME were Tom Lindstrom with 17 points and Noah Christensen with 16 points. Lindstrom also had 3 steals and assists. Trent Skjefte had 9 rebounds and 7 points.

For KMS, Brandon Rasmusson had 17 points, and Tanner Rohner had 12, with 6 rebounds. Weston Gjerde had 5 steals and also scored 3 points.

YME 25-29-54

KMS 20-28-48


Scoring: Brandon Rasmusson 17, Tanner Rohner 12, Noah Thorson 8, Josh Peterson 7, Weston Gjerde 3, Ethan Hauge 1

3 point shots: Tanner Rohner 2, Brandon Rasmusson 2, Noah Thorson 2

Assists: N/A

Rebounds: Reagan Carlson 8, Tanner Rohner 6, Josh Peterson 5, Brandon Rasmusson 2, Weston Gjerde 2, Connor Carlson 1, Ethan Hauge 1

Steals: Weston Gjerde 5, Tanner Rohner 1, Noah Thorson 1


Scoring: Tom Lindstrom 17, Noah Christensen 16, Trent Skjefte 7, Nick Peterson 6, Nicky Lindstrom 3, Cole Richter 3, Will Jeseritz 2,

3 point shots: N/A

Assists: Will Jeseritz 5, Tom Lindstrom 3, Nicky Lindstrom 2, Trent Skjefte 2

Rebounds: Trent Skjefte 9, Tom Lindstrom 6, Will jeseritz 5, Nicky Lindstrom 4, Noah Christensen 4, Cole Richter 1

Steals: Tom Lindstrom 3, Nicky Lindstrom 2, Cole Richter 2, Will Jeseritz 1