Advocate Tribune: Tell us about your background.

Jerry Kaupang: I grew up in Boyd. I was in the Navy/Navy Reserves for 20 years. I married a girl from Clarkfield. I've lived here since '97.

AT: Why'd you join the Navy?

JK: It was the late 70s, and there was no work here. You needed a job somewhere, got some adventure.

AT: What did you do in the Navy?

JK: I was a cryptologist. I worked on equipment that handled classified information.

AT: You can't talk about it, but that's cool.

JK: (laughing) That's it.

AT: What made you want to run for council?

JK: I see the direction the city was heading in, and I didn't like it. And if I'm going to live here, I'm going to try to do something about it. There was a lot of upheaval here a few years ago with the city council and mayor. Clarkfield was basically laughed at. I'm here to help Clarkfield be respectable again.

AT: What do you bring to the table as a council member?

JK: A lot of experience. I've been around the world, I run my dogs all over the country and compete nationally, and maybe some common sense.

AT: What kind of goals do you have for your time in this role?

JK: We need to get the budget in hand. We need to get people the pay they need to get paid., the items that places need to get, and we need to quit spending money on dumb stuff. Simple.

AT: What do you like about Clarkfield?

JK: The small town attitude. Everybody knows everybody. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad (laughing.)

AT: What do you do for fun?

JK: A lot. I tournament hunt all over the nation. I fish. I got my camper up on the lake. I spend my summers just sitting there doing nothing. I love being with my grandchildren.