Advocate Tribune: Tell us about your background.

Dale Stringer: I grew up in Boyd and Clarkfield. I went to school here. I got married here. I live in town. I worked at the elevator for my last job and retired from there.

AT: What made you want to run for council?

DS: To improve the town, clean it up, make it a better place to live.

AT: What do you bring to the table as a council member? DS: Different views about things, not the same stagnant ideas.

AT: What kind of goals do you have for your time in this role?

DS: I want to try to get something done about the abandoned school, and try to get the city itself cleaned up. We've got a number of old houses here that could be torn down or renovated. We've got a lot of junk around. I want to make it so when people drive through they say something good about the town. There's junk and garbage all over.

AT: What do you like about Clarkfield?

DS: I like that, well, maybe it's gone by, but it used to be that everybody watched out for everybody, and you were proud to be from here, people were friendly. Everybody knows everybody.

AT: What do you do for fun?

DS: I like to go camping, fishing, driving around, doing things with my grandchildren.