Swimsuit season is right around the corner, although with the recent snow melt the season may have snuck up on some of us that aren’t quite to our desired leanness. The best time to start working out was months ago, but that doesn’t mean hope is lost for a slim, sexy summer.

A question I wish I knew an answer to a long time ago was “What type of workouts actually work?” Despite what infomercials will tell you, there is not a universal exercise, gadget, or pill that will solve all your fitness problems.


Just kidding. I’m an advocate of tracking your workouts. Keeping a journal lets you see if you’re actually making progress, or if you’ve been stuck curling 20 lb dumbbells for the last 8 months. But that takes effort. You’d have to buy a journal, or print some sheets, and write stuff down. There’s gotta be an easier way.

Your phone, and your mirror are the simple answer. Take progress pictures, usually weekly or monthly works well. Your memory can lie, your friends can lie, clothing manufacturers can lie, but the mirror will never lie. If you look in the mirror, do you see progress? The pictures will show you the past yous. Is there any real, discernable difference? Some people go beyond and share their photos with close friends or family, or go bold with social media. Accountability, to yourself or outside, can be a great catalyst to spur real action, real dedication, make a visible change.