The Granite Falls Kilowatt Community Center recently added a personal trainer to its staff lineup. Alex Sina has been hired to help those who are ready to take their physical fitness training to the next level.

Sina became interested in physical fitness at a young age. “I played soccer, tennis, basketball, and trained in martial arts while growing up. Soccer was my main sport before I got into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA),” he said. He credits his dad with instilling a desire to be physically fit. “My dad got me into fitness in junior high school, but I started taking it much more seriously during my sophomore year of high school,” said Sina. “It wasn’t until college that I realized I was under muscled and I concentrated more on building strength and size,” Sina said. “I went from 170 pounds to 195 pounds. it took a long time, probably around the last two to three years before I finally started to feel like I knew what i was doing,” he added.

While at college, Sina studied exercise science and media arts. In December of 2014, he received his National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer certification. “After that,” said Sina, “I worked as a personal trainer for two years before moving to Granite Falls. I also have a nutrition certificate and have done a lot of self study.”

When asked why it is important to “go the extra mile” to be physically fit, Sina had this to say: “You get one body, so to me, it makes sense to do everything you can to take care of it. Why wouldn’t you want to make it the best you possibly can?” Sina doesn’t train every day. “Fitness is supposed to enhance your life, not consume it. I normally train three days a week for about an hour. That’s realistically not that big of a commitment,” he said.

Consistency in training is very important to Sina. “I am extremely consistent. I get to the gym come hell or high water. Because I’ve built the habit, going to the gym is just something I do. It’s not a struggle, and I don’t have to rely on motivation or willpower.” he said. “The main goal should be to get in shape, to a point where you’re genuinely happy with your body. You do that once, and then maintain it. Maintaining it is nowhere near as difficult as getting there,” Sina said.

Sina spoke about his favorite forms of exercise: “Lifting has made a huge impact on my life, as has MMA. It’s a balance because if one gets overdone, both suffer. Jiu Jitsu might be the most fun for me because it’s like human chess at turbo speed!”

Sina moved to Granite Falls last year to become a staff writer at the Advocate-Tribune. “I talked to Nick Richter, director of the KCC, about training when I first moved here. Moving was a huge transition for me and I wanted some time to settle into my job at the newspaper. We did the paperwork in March, so now it’s just a matter of getting the word out.”

A proper diet goes hand in hand with exercise, and Sina is emphatic when it comes to good nutrition: “Diet is critical because your food is your energy. You have to eat for the rest of your life, so it’s important to learn to eat in a way that supports your goals, and is also enjoyable.” “I do have a nutrition certification, so I can give people some idea of what they should and shouldn’t be eating. Tracking your food can be eye-opening.”

Sina is able to develop an individual exercise and diet plan specifically tailored to each individual. “There is usually overlap with people’s goals and problems, but people also have different interests, and some respond to certain types of training better than others. It’s an experiment to help the individual learn what works for them,” he said.

Sina would someday like to own his own personal fitness business. He said, “Personal training is a job I can do anywhere, but it would be amazing to be able to set up my own place. I’d also like to finish some kind of fitness book, ‘Here’s Everything I Learned,’ but with a catchier title than that!”

For the time being, Sina is happy to be a personal trainer at the KCC, and he looks forward to helping people achieve their fitness goals.