“The evening blew by like a strong wind,” said Karen Savage-Blue following a spirited reception where a crowd of around fifty gathered at the K.K. Berge Gallery to learn more about the artist and her work. Savage-Blue, who resides in Northern Minnesota, has grown accustom to well attended opening receptions and on this evening said, “The river valley crowd held up to that expectation - it feels great to be welcomed and appreciated in this area of the state.”

An evening filled with plenty of warmth and smiles, old friends, new faces and no shortage of engaging conversations – the “river valley crowd,” it seemed, was out en masse. It was this showing of support that prompted GAAC member Vonnie Sacquilan to mention that this reception was, “one of the best yet.” The evening also marked, “somewhere around the fiftieth,” artist talk and reception in the seven years since the GAAC has opened the gallery, noted GAAC president Tamara Isfeld.

She went on to say that, “A visit to the gallery can be fun, but it’s always a treat to hear from the artist.” The latest to grace the walls of the K.K. Berge Gallery is the exhibit We Are All Connected to Planet Earth, which Savage-Blue says, “is the complete integration of the landscape and human form.” Her aspiration for the series, “is to portray the interdependence of all living things - we need to feel as much compassion for our earth as we do for ourselves and each other.”

Through her art Savage-Blue says she is able to express concepts that can sometimes be difficult to talk about and, “If there’s a visual, maybe that will help there to be some understanding.” One mention, however, of the striking colors and vivid images and she just smiles, “Gotta give some credit to the paint…” Absent any outside influence for this endeavor she asked herself an important question, “What do I see?” The answer to this question is available for visitors to the K.K. Berge Gallery until the end of April.

The way Savage-Blue has interwoven the spirit of the natural world and human beings seems nothing short of inspired. “Her soul and beauty comes through in her art,” said one attendee from Ortonville. Savage-Blue says, “It was great to spend time with folks who love and support the arts…how wonderful that the GAAC had a vision for creating such a beautiful gallery - I want to give a heart-felt thank you.” For those interested in learning more about artist Karen Savage-Blue, she will be having a duo exhibition with Jonathan Thunder at the All My Relations gallery in Minneapolis beginning in August. More information can also be found by visiting her website karensavageblue.com or her Facebook page: Karen Savage