The Sting opened against Renville with a run in the first inning. In the 2nd inning, Renville racked up 5 runs, and the Sting weren’t able to come back. Seven innings later, the final score was 8-1 Renville. Batting Yellow Medicine East Odegard 2-2 r1 Lindstrom 1-0 lob1 Odegard 3-1 lob3 Beckler 3-0 rbi1 lob3 Peterson 2-0 lob1 Knollenberg 1-0 so1 Schmidt 2-0 bb1 so2 Kattevold 1-0 so1 Marquart 1-0 so1 Rupp 3-0 so2 lob2 Schmidt 1-0 bb1 lob2 Lara 1-0 so1 Renville Aalderks 3-0 r2 rbi1 bb1 so1 lob2 S Wohlman 4-3 r2 rbi1 bb1 lob1 Howard 4-1 r2 lob2 C Wohlman 1-0 bb3 Froland 4-1 lob5 Hendricks 2-0 r1 rbi1 bb1 lob2 Schrupp 4-0 so2 lob5 Grund 3-1 r1 lob1 Castillo 3-1 so1 lob3 Pitching Yellow Medicine East Odegard ip2 h4 r5 er2 bb2 so2 hr0 Peterson ip1.1 h1 r2 er2 bb2 so1 hr0 Knollenberg 2.2 h2 r1 er0 bb1 so1 hr0 Renville S Wohlman ip5 h3 r1 er1 bb3 so4 hr0 Howard ip2 h0 r1 er0 bb0 so5 hr0