Last week the KCC held their health challenge finale. After months of sweat, tears, and hopefully minimal blood, the teams gathered to see their results. There were 1,577 pounds lost during the Health Challenge. That’s incredible. If the 148 participants all lost the same amount of weight, it would mean each person lost about 10.66 lbs. The contest lasted about 12 weeks, so that would mean a weight loss of 0.88 lbs a week.

That’s a healthy, realistic rate of weight loss. Common fitness advice says it’s realistic to lose .5-1 lb a week, maybe up to 2 lbs. Another guideline is to use ~1% of your weight. Where does that number come from? Math. It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat.

So, if your maintenance calories are 2500, and you wanted to lose one pound, one way would be to cut 500 calories a day, and over 700 days, you’d have a 3500 calorie deficit.

(2500 x 7= 17,500 )

(2000 x 7 = 14,000)

Easy right?

The problem of knowing how much you’re actually eating is another article.

It could be argued that anyone making a positive change in their life is a winner, but here are the winners from the contest.


1st Place: 2,432 pts – Flippin Fatties - Team Members: Jeff & Kris Wilke, and Troy Zieske & Allie Zieske $1,200 Winners

2nd Place: 2,118 pts – Mission Fitpossible – Team Members: Teresa Abernathy, Faustino Salinas, Samantha Tapley, and Andrea Gullickson $800 Winners

3rd Place: 2,001 pts – Cereal Killers – Team Members: Nathan & Amy Stewart, and Andy & Kari Coulter $600 Winners

4th Place: 1,948 pts – EL Tubbos – Team Members: Paul Benson, Deb Lidstrom, Bev Svobodny, and Marj Bottge $400 Winners