The Sting ladies lost the lead early and couldn't recover in a 17-2 loss to Montevideo on Friday. Montevideo scored on a single by Zindel, a single by Christianson, and a groundout by West in the first inning. Montevideo scored eight runs in the fourth inning. The big inning was driven by a walk by Glomstad, a fielder's choice by Kronback, a walk by Mckee, a walk by Welling, a triple by Olson, and a error. Welling earned the win for Montevideo. She tossed two innings, giving up two runs, two hits, and striking out four. Hailey Cobb pitched for YME. She went three innings, giving up 17 runs, ten hits, and striking out two. Kaitlyn Mortenson and Cassie Weir each managed one hit for the Sting. Hitting Yellow Medicine East Cassie Weir 2-1 Kaitlyn Mortenson 2-1 rbi2 Raelin Enstad 2-0 Ali Miller 2-0 Ali Ator 2-0 k2 Tiana Rupp 0-0 bb1 r1 Hannah Gullickson 0-0 bb 1 r1 Chelsea Neimeyer 1-0 k1 Montevideo Mckee 3-1 r3 rbi2 bb1 Welling 3-0 r1 rbi1 bb1 Olson 3-2 r2 rbi2 bb1 Zindel 4-1 r1 rbi2 k1 Str 2-1 r3 bb1 Christianson 3-3 r2 rbi3 west 1-0 rbi1 Fragodt 1-1 r2 rbi1 bb1 Glomstad 1-1 r2 rbi1 bb2 kronback 3-0 r1 rbi2 Pitching Yellow Medicine East Hailey Cobb ip 3 #p102 s% .529 h10 r17 er13 k2 bb7 Montevideo Welling ip2 #p34 s%.529 h2 r2 er2 k4 bb2