The State is currently working on figuring out a technology initiative. The goal is to get schools to have a 1 to 1 ratio of devices to students, devices can include tablets, laptops, iPads, etc. The finance committee is working of figuring out details and moving the plan forward for YME and BRE. This summer, YME will be upgrading it's internet infrastructure to handle the influx of devices.

Teachers will get an added bonus. The wireless system comes with a monitoring system to help them keep students on track. That covered one of the major concerns coming from teachers. Another concern was the knowledge gap of newer technology. There are plans to do teacher training, like in August when the next school year is closer. There are other cool features mentioned in the meeting. One was how teachers can get feedback about what aspects of the lessons which students are grasping, to help craft their lesson plans for the next day.

There are other issues, like ensuring students have access. The finance committee hasn't decided about which grades get carts of computers and which will have devices signed out for the students to take home. Not every student may have internet at home. "I couldn't get online," could be the new "the dog ate my homework." The school is talking with other schools that have adopted the 1 to 1 device approach to get ahead of those issues.

In other news:

•Over 700 books have been added to the BRE library.

•YME students, including all its juniors, will be taking the ACT soon, wish them luck.

•The greenhouse is coming along. The goal is to have it open before the May school board meeting. The community has been very supportive in helping make the project happen.