Last week we ran an article about how 15 schools are participating in a medical careers program. This week we are following up with three YME students partaking in the program, Lilly Irvine, Haley Brovold, and Paytan Vonderharr.

Lilly Irvine took the program to help explore the medical field. She wasn't sure which direction to pursue in such a broad science. But she knows she likes helping people, and a medical career will be an interesting way to fulfill that need.

Haley Brovold is continuing a family line of work. Her grandma and both parents are nurses. “I took the program because both of my parents are nurses, and my grandma is too.” She has already earned a CAN, so she has that direction figured out. She shadowed nurses at different levels and roles, including an ICU nurse in the Twin Cities. She has enjoyed learning about the vast array of medical terminology.

Paytan Vonderharr also joined the program to help figure out a medical career direction. She job shadowed a physical therapist, a radiologist, and a lab technician. She liked the radiologist the most, including seeing a CT scan done as well as X-rays of the chest. Her aunt being a radiologist helped influence the decision.