Al Reszel, the special education teacher at YME, has been pedaling away for another cause that's close to his heart. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. She had surgery and is now recovering with medication. Al decided to get involved with rides. He felt that the rides weren't doing enough, and decided to start his own ride. The result was Pink Pedals 4 a Cure, Terri's ride. Last year Reszel rode from Minneapolis to Chicago. This year he's upping his game, planning to bike from St. Paul to Manhatten to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Headquarters in Manhatten, New York. The trip will kick off June 3rd. Terri Reszel drives his support car, otherwise it's a solo ride. It will take about 21-22 days. He's been training all winter, and recently the warmer weather has allowed him to ride outside. His strategy is simply being steady and consistent. He maintains a steady pace of 14-16 mph, and he will be eating 5000-6000 calories a day. He has a 3-day meal rotation to alleviate boredom. The BCRF donates 91 cents out of every dollar directly towards research, there are very little administrative costs. The organization donates to over 100 different researchers and universities. You can follow along with the ride on PinkPedals4 and on their Facebook page. There are also links to donate on those pages.