In the season opener, YME squared off against Montevideo. The Sting had a tough time shaking off the winter cobwebs, with Montevideo sweeping all seven matches. As a bright spot, Cody Speh won a set and a number of games in the other sets.

YME vs Montevideo

Doubles 1. Nick Schindele and Tyler Syring vs Kode Mairty and Brandon Johnson M 1-6 1-6 2 Ean Clarke and Will Lecy vs Tyler Eull and Kaden Marty M 0-6 1-6 3 Austin Canatsy and Jackson Torgerson vs Donny Albers and Caleb Hanson M 0-6 0-6

Singles 1 Matthew Viring vs Riley Emery M 0-6 0-6 2 Cody Speh vs Noah Stoeckman M 4-6 7-4 3-6 3 Amman Bennett vs Henry Strunk M 1-6 1-6 4 Cody Zimmer vs Chris Erickson M 0-6 1-6

Team Score Montevideo 7 YME 0


The MACCRAY team has a pretty thin roster. The team decided to focus their efforts on singles matches. The Sting won all four matches. MACCRAY's Levi Sparks and Gabe Sparks put up some close matches, but YME prevailed.

Doubles 1. Jakob Pringle and Tyler Syring Y forfeit 2. Ean Clarke and Will Lecy Y forfeit 3. Austin Canatsey and Charlie Mudgett Y forfeit

Singles 1. Cody Speh vs Riley Essendrop Y 6-1 6-0 2. Ammon Bennett vs Levi Sparks Y 7-5 6-4 3. Cody Zimmer vs Gabe Sparks Y 6-3 7-5 4. Nick Schindele vs Carter Tomes Y 6-2 2-6 6-2

Team Score YME 7 MACCRAY 0

YME vs Minnewaska

Minnewaska won the majority of the matches. Cody Speh defeated Ben Larson, and Ammon Bennett bested Nick Vandyke.

Doubles 1. Cody Zimmer and Nick Schindele vs Tate Reichmann and Zack Evans M 0-6 0-6 2. Tyler Syring and Jakob Pringle vs Sam Peters and Nathan Gallagher M 1-6 4-6 3. Isaiah Werner and Ean Clarke vs Cade Fier M 2-6 2-6

Singles 1. Matthew Virnig vs Carter LaMont M 0-6 0-6 2. Noah Lusti vs Evan Palmer M 5-7 0-6 3. Cody Speh vs Ben Larson Y 6-0 6-1 4. Ammon Bennett vs Nick Vandyke Y 6-0 6-0

Team Score YME 2 Minnewaska 5

YME vs Laverne

Laverne beat the Sting across the court and back, winning all 7 matches without losing a set.

Doubles 1. Cody Zimmer and Nick Schindele vs Dalton Schoeneman and Layne Curtis L 6-0 6-1 2. Jakob Pringle and Tyler Syring vs Tim Erickson and Isaac Gillette L 6-0 6-0 3. Isaiah Werner and Will Lecy vs Trey Banstian and Luke Janchow L 6-0 6-0

Singles 1. Matthew Virnig vs Chris Telken L 6-1 6-1 2. Noah Lusti vs Mark Robinson L 6-3 6-1 3. Cody Speh vs Cade Vasteog L 6-0 7-2 4. Ammon Bennett vs Matt Telken L 6-1 6-0

Team Score YME 0 LaVerne 7