The city of Granite Falls is welcoming Neal Carstensen as new Finance Director. Originally from Marshall, Carstensen spent the last 34 years living with his wife in Granite Falls. He worked for a variety of private companies in the area, but he is excited to finally be working in the city he calls home.

The city Finance Director is in charge of managing city bills and funds. It is a big responsibility, but Carstensen is excited by the opportunity. While there is a lot of new things to learn about the job, Carstensen is confident that many of the skills he acquired in the private sector will translate in the public sector. “I have 37 years of accounting experience and that part of it will stay with me,” said Carstensen.

Carstensen hopes to have a positive impact on the city and in the community. While he is enthusiastic about the job, he also recognized the challenges he will face. “Shrinking revenues are a problem,” Carstensen conceded, adding that his job will be to tackle that problem while also maintaining current services. He is looking forward to working with the mayor and the city council to accomplish this task.

In spite of the obstacles, Carstensen is optimistic. “I’ll have struggles, but I also have great support,” he said. He went on to say that this job is about “serving the city and residents to the best of my ability,” adding, “I’m excited to be back working in the community that I live in.”