The Clarkfield Care Center is welcoming Jaime Preuss as the new Activities Director. This is not the first time that Preuss, a native of Granite Falls, has worked at the Care Center. She previously worked as a nurses aid starting at the age of 16. While she decided not to pursue nursing in college, Preuss said that she loved the experience, adding that she especially enjoyed getting to know the residents.

After graduating high school in 2009, Preuss obtained a bachelor’s degree in justice administration from Southwest Minnesota State University. After seeing the Activities Director position had opened up at the Care Center, and knew that she couldn’t pass it up.

In her new role, Preuss is responsible for planning the daily activities for the roughly 25 residents. One popular event among the residents is bingo. “You don’t mess with their bingo,” she cautions jokingly. Preuss also helps organize special events such as parties, birthdays, and outings -- everything to help keep the residents occupied. Preuss is quick to add, however, that “not only am I keeping them busy, but they’re keeping me busy.”

Preuss is excited to work with the residents again, explaining that getting to know them is the best part of the job. “I really appreciate the residents,” Preuss said. “They’re such cool people and I learn so much from them. I love hearing their stories, they make me laugh. They teach me everyday that I work with them.”

While Preuss acknowledges that the position is a new direction for her, she’s excited by the opportunities. “It’s all a learning experiences,” Preuss says, “and I’m excited to learn.” Preuss added that the previous activities director, Sally Westre, was “great at what she did,” adding that “I have big shoes to fill.” Still, she’s excited to take on her role at the Care Center. “It’s my place to be -- I just love it here.”