At this week's Granite Falls City Council meeting two Granite Falls firefighters Holdyn Sand and Nate Brom were awarded their black helmets. A black helmet means that a member of the department has received fire cards 1 and 2 which requires 2 years of class work and drills. The council was then updated by EDA Director Cathy Anderson who discussed a daycare initiative donation request letter and had the letter approved by the council. Anderson also discussed a donation request for Western Minnesota Prairie Waters for 2018.

The council also discussed a parking problem on Palmer Place and Jordan Drive. There have been problems with people parking on both sides of the street, making it difficult for city vehicles and general traffic to get through. The council voted to put up no parking signs along the street. The council also approved moving forward with the application process to take out a 300,000 dollar loan for capital improvements.

Jim Ford gave the council a Parks Board update and sought approval for permanent pickleball markings on the tennis courts. Ford explained it would get more people involved and he wouldn’t have to keep drawing the lines with chalk. The lines will be painted in a darker color than the white tennis lines so there is no confusion for tennis players. Ford also proposed putting up lighting on the K.C.C. tennis courts. The council approved painting permanent markings on the tennis courts and plans for a permanent pickleball court and K.C.C. Tennis court lighting will be discussed in the future.

In Other News:

The council discussed making Dallas II handicap accessible and is determining the costs of putting in a ramp and widening the door.

The council approved a 2018 $1,500 donation to Western Prairie Waters.

The council approved a grant agreement with the state that provides funds for airport maintenance.