Archie Bush is just one of the influential people who got his start in Granite Falls. His legacy with the Bush Foundation keeps his memory alive. I've had some discussions with other Granite Falls residents about creating a local or area wide history museum that tells these stories. An information and history center that could include Bush's story as well as stories like Michael Dowling, Henry Hill, Kathleen Jordan and others that have influenced our local history.

But today we thank the Bush Foundation for their generous gift to our community and all who've been involved with our local Granite Falls Area Foundation for their hard work! 

The Small Business Administration has some tips for customers to help our local businesses on Small Business Saturday, November 25, and all year long. Participating in social media really helps the reach of our business owners, so if you like a shop or a product, post it on their Facebook or Instagram page.

• “Get to know the owner, and make your gift more meaningful by sharing their story as part of what you give your loved ones.

• Enjoy the experience.  Travel outside your comfort zone -- and away from your computer screen -- to discover an out-of-the ordinary shopping district with some trendy local stores.

• Take part in Small Business Saturday® on social media, using the hashtag #SmallBizSat to amplify your support.  If you find a great small business retailer with unique products, Tweet or Facebook your find so others can enjoy it too.

• When you open your gifts, start a conversation about which one came from the most distinctive and creative sellers.  Share your shopping secrets."

Our local newspaper is the Chamber member of the week. It has gone through many changes just in the time I've been the chamber director. Many small town newspapers have disappeared from the landscape, but the Granite Falls and Clarkfield Advocate Tribune remains the go- to source for local news stories. It's exciting to have two young writers on the staff, Kyle Klausing and Alex Sina, to bring a fresh eye to our paper. And behind the scenes, there are long time employees who keep the paper going all year.

The chamber's blog on our website will include more details about the Advocate Tribune and all the chamber members of the week. Another chamber member benefit is the opportunity to submit a blog post, just e-mail it to