Last Sunday, Clarkfield Lutheran Church celebrated the rebuilding and modernization of its pipe organ with a dedication service and afternoon recital. After almost a hundred years of use, the console needed to be updated, which took place this past summer. The 933 pipes remain the same.

The organ committee (Karen Donner, Jean Lynner, Peg Schlenner, Charlann Anspach, Helen Werner and Jim Lynner) told the story, raised funds and coordinated the dedication and recital. Cory Nelson did electrical work and recruited crews and a lift to remove and return the console to the balcony.

Howard Nolte and Frederick J. Hall of Ulm Orgelwerke, Inc., performed the renewal and upgrade of the pipe organ. Howard, a master organ technician and builder, has maintained and tuned the organ since 1957. In 1964 he worked with the church’s building committee to create the space for the organ in the new church and was responsible for moving and installing all of the pipes in their new location.

This major project, supported by the congregation with funding and patience during the long process, concluded with a recital by past and current organists. Pastor Deborah Nissen hosted the event; organists were Charlann Kuehl Anspach, Karen Donner, Rachel Trelstad Porter, Dana Larson and Leslee Sandvig Nestingen.