The Montevideo Area Special Olympic athletes participated in the Special Olympic State Bowling Tournament on Saturday, Nov. 11, in Mankato. The athletes proudly represented seven area communities. Bowlers from Granite Falls included:

Jorge Ramirez, 4th place; Jermaine Carroll, 1st place; Eric Kruger, 2nd place; Tom Schewe, 4th place, Steve Brokke, 2nd place; Cameron McPhail, 3rd place; Michael Rigge, 3rd place; Paul Enstad, 3rd place; Terry Gerdes, 2nd place; and Ruchelle Wyatt, 3rd place.

Bowlers from Dawson included: Karen Anderson, 4th place, Keila Malecek, 3rd place; Jon Monson, 2nd place; and Kristopher Luebke, 2nd place.

Bowlers from Madison included Brian Nelson; 2nd place, and Suzanne Ehlenz, 2nd place. Matt Weckwerth from Benson placed 4th

Bowlers from Canby included Kevin Kircher, 1st place; Curtis Stene, 1st place; and Shane Whitecalf, 4th place. Doug Pierce from Boyd placed 3rd.

Bowlers from Monte­video included: Tim Binnebose, 2nd place; Amanda Bauer, 2nd place; Jesse Danielson, 1st place; Jody French, 2nd place; Mary Gustafson, 4th place, Marcus Jerve, 2nd place; Darcy Johnson, 3rd place, Melissa Keding, 4th place, Mychal Kinsley, 4th place; Julie Maus, 1st place, Vicky Miller, 3rd place; Quentin Ohm, 4th place; Alma Quenemoen, 2nd place; Mica Schaffran, 2nd place; Hayley Swanson, 1st place; Kyle Swanson, 4th place; Nathan Van Gorp, 3rd place; Joe Wanke, 1st place; and Sheila Bauer, 2nd place. .