Zach and Sheila Koepke met with the YME school board to showcase their attempt to re-start the school newspaper. They had found some old school newspapers in the Little Theater storage closet, which served as inspiration. The plan is to publish six issues, one every six weeks, plus a “Senior Edition” to celebrate the senior class at the end of the year.

The Koepkes put together the first issue themselves, paying for the printing out of their own pockets. The idea was to show students and the board what it could look like, and cited the power of holding a physical paper in their hands. The fact that the old papers have been kept for memories speaks to that as well.

The board approved working the newspaper into the 2017-2018 budget, and also included a reimbursement for the Koepkes for the November issue.

In other news:

Tammy Isfeld presented the ongoing YME art program projects. She showcased the flood wall pelican mural that was recently completed, as well as artwork from drawing classes and posters, boards, and street art, ceramics, and photography classes.

One student, Jedd Blue, reported about his contributions to the mural, and explained his next project, which is a mural that will go up in the KCC hallway.

Superintendent Clark reported that many educators are frustrated with the State testing situation. The Minnesota Department of Education created a form that lets parents exempt students from taking the tests. State legislators made it so if a student doesn’t take the test, it counts as the student participated and “does not meet proficiency.”

The board discussed raising the lunch account notification from $10 to $25. There were concerns about frequency and the effectiveness of reminders vs having enough time to respond and avoid having accounts go in the negative. Last year the lunch program hit a significant deficit, which is why they voted to adjust the amount. Board member Jeremy Corner voted against it.