The Granite Falls City Council also held their Truth in Taxation meeting Monday night. Some highlights include:

• The General Fund budget increased to $2,773,550,

• $25,000 will go toward the airport entrance road, matching the State contribution.

• Phase Two of the Memorial Park project was approved pending legislative approval

• The city transferred about $133K to the KCC to help cover the service debt.

•The council discussed equipment purchases for the fire and police departments. The police department is looking into getting body cameras and a squad car, among other equipment.

•Local Government Aid increased to a total of $977,808

•The total levy increased by $96,800.

Yellow Medicine County Administrator Peg Heglund came to the council to discuss a proposal about building a fence around the recycling drop off point. There are two main reasons for building the fence. It would keep debris from blowing around into people’s yards, and also mitigate some of the “misuse” of the site. They also discussed improving the signs, and adding surveillance cameras.

In other news:

The council discussed improvements needed in the Memorial Park shelter building. The building is part of a large grant the city received. The overhang has been deemed unsafe. The fireplace and electric system need work, and the roofing material is shot, among other problems.

The council added a $50 fee for electric meter re-connection to fall in line with the $50 water meter reconnection fee.

Steve Nordaune was re-elected Granite Falls City Council Vice President. Nordaune was first elected in 2000 and represents the At-Large district on the council.

The council also took care of updating rules and roles on the various boards they serve on. Nordaune joined the Park Board, but everyone else kept their roles and there were no other changes.

The council approved a call for bid for painting the water towers. The Highland Park one will be painted in 2018, and the Highway 212 one in 2019.

As part of the Highway 23 Coalition, the council approved plans to expand the stretch of road between New London and Paynesville from two-lane to four-lane.