Clarkfield Area Charter School held their annual Holiday Concert on Tuesday. This year, the students presented their concert as a narrative frame story (in other words, a story within a story). The students pretended to be staff members at ‘C.A.C.S. Kids Radio,’ which Music Director Doug Clevenger joked was “found at 3.14159 on your radio dial.”

They performed a fictional radio drama occurring in Fa La La Land, a city famous for writing music. “You will get to see what goes on behind the microphone,” said Clevenger.

Students played a host of different characters who are unable to get along and cooperate with one another to write holiday songs. In the song Not with Me, which is an adaptation of Deck the Halls, students used music to communicate the conflict rocking Fa La La Land. One line goes “You can deck the halls, but not with me!”

Eventually, the characters learn to work together and write music with one another. The concert ended with a rousing performance of the original version of Deck the Halls, with the entire audience joining in.

Molly Grinager was given a big round of applause for her 10 years of service as our parent organization president.

Another highlight of the evening was when C.A.C.S. presented the Clarkfield Food Shelf with a check for $741. The money was raised from the recent ‘Penny Wars’ fundraiser. Each grade competed to bring in more loose change, with the winning class getting a free pizza party.