YME vs Canby

The YME girls basketball team squared off against the Canby Lancers. The Sting got off to a strong start, and were able to rack up 39 points by half time - a lead they sustained throughout the second half of the game. They eventually defeated the Lancers 65 to 45.

Coach Haakenson attributed their victory to a strong inside game. “Canby had no answer for Anna on the inside. Kenzie also recorded a double double,” he explained, adding, “she works so hard and is a nice compliment for our inside play. She has a soft mid range touch and is very capable as a scorer from 12-15 feet.”

The Sting started the game by putting pressure in the front court, which Haakenson said started paying back dividends almost immediately. “It allowed us to transition up the court and score some easier baskets. I felt we opened up the game when we began to create some turnovers.”

Haakenson felt that “the game was a good measuring stick in terms of where we are as a team. We've played with a bit of adversity this season in terms of staying healthy. Kaitlyn Mortenson did not dress out for this game. This places the onus of responsibility in taking care of the ball on Sam, Madi, and Meeghen. It's good experience for them to be placed in those situations. In the end, it makes us a better team.”

A high point in the game was when YME player Anna McCosh scored her 1,000th point.

YME Scoring: Anna McCosh-25; Kenzie Dyrdahl-23; Madi Hinz-8; Meeghen Dahlager-7

YME Rebounding: Anna-14; Kenzie-10

YME Assists: Sam Anderson-6; Madi-6

YME Steals: Anna-4; Madi-4 Canby Scoring: Alyssa Beckius-12; Katie Jelen-12


Kaitlyn Mortenson got the Sting on the board before the away team built an early lead 2-11. The TMB high post caused a lot of issues. Madison Hinz had some nice shots from the outside, helping the girls catch up a bit before the end of the half 14-23.

During the second half, the girls struggled in dealing with the full court press. Mortenson did a lot of drives down court. The Sting started to close the scoring gap with about seven minutes left. Anna McCosh, Madi Hinz, and Sam Anderson all made some very tough shots. It wasn't quite enough, with the final score of 43-55.

Coach Haakenson reported, "In the first half we were very tentative. We're playing a very good team and we're kind of our own worst enemy. They forced us into things we don't want to do, but we came out and acted like we can't play with them. I think we were very fortunate to only be down by nine at the half. In the second half we came out and played hard and got it down to single digits. I feel like if we had played that hard in the beginning we'd have been ok. It's part of our growing process. It's probably the weakness of our team is we don't have confidence. My message before the game was winning and losing, it matters, but we want to compete no matter if we're winning or losing. Just go out there and compete."

YME Scoring: Madi Hinz-11; Anna McCosh-10; Sam Anderson-8

YME Rebounding:Anna-9; Hannah Gullickson 8

YME Assists: Madi-6; Sam-6

YME Steals: Madi-2; Kaitlyn Mortenson-2

TMB Scoring: Evy Dolan-24; Kaylee Kirk-8