During the Chippewa County Board meeting, bids were opened and contracts awarded for the county’s 2018 gasoline and diesel fuel supply. Low bid for delivery to the county shop in Montevideo was provided by Dooley’s Petroleum of Clara City. Dooley’s also provided the low bid for delivery to the shop in Watson, as well as to the shop in Clara City.

Farmer’s Union Oil Co. of Montevideo provided the low bid for fuel at the service station pump in Montevideo, and Donner’s Crossroads at the service station pump in Clara City.

Assistant to the Engineer, Kevin Enevold­sen, met with the board to recommend final payment of SAP #12-599-088, #12-599-089, and #12-599-090.

The original amount of the contract was $1,022,403.50 The final amount of the contract is $1,034,359.97, with the amount of the final payment of $59,314.21. The board authorized final payment of the project.

Enevoldsen also requested approval of an Agency Agreement between the Minnesota Commissioner of Transportation and the county.

A resolution was adopted granting the chairman and the auditor/treasurer authorization to execute and enter into an agreement with the Commissioner of Transportation to be appointed as an Agent of Chippewa County to accept federal aid funds which may be made available for eligible transportation projects.

The board discussed the proposed 2018 property tax levy. The proposed levy amount is $9,816,559 which is an increase of .66 percent over the final 2017 levy. It was resolved that the amount to be spread to the tax payers of Chippewa County is $9,816,559 for the 2018 payable taxes.

The preliminary county budget summary for 2018 was discussed. Total revenues are projected to be $23,069,925, while total expenditures are projected to be $24,390,556. This would result in a $1,320,631 decrease in the fund balance.

The auditor/treasurer presented a list of General Revenue Fund budget adjustments for 2017. The adjustments are all increases to the final, previously approved budget. The increases were approved by the board.

Land and Resource Management Director Scott Williams met with the board to request by Tom A. Lauritsen of Montevideo, for a Conditional Use Permit to install a 10’x60’ steel septic storage unit on land owned by Lauritsen. the planning commission recommends approval of the CUP with the condition that the tanks are to be used no more than six weeks per year. The CUP was approved.

County Assessor Bonnie Crosby discussed an addition to the tax lists for land owned by Lone Tree Farm. The amount of the addition is $602. The addition to the 2017 tax lists was approved, and the auditor/treasurer was authorized to accept payment without additional penalty if payment is received before Dec. 31, 2017.

The date for the next commissioner’s meeting was set for Tuesday, Jan. 2, at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioner’s Room at the Court House in Montevideo.

The board approved an IT Steering Committee recommendation to purchase software and three years of maintenance to upgrade back-up software estimated at $14,000, and upgrade Court House door locking software estimated at $8,600.

The board also approved accounts payable in the amount of $346,274.60.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.