Quad County had a match against Marshall and New Ulm last week. Ayden Friese recently reached his 70th career win, while senior Bryce Schmidt is on a tear as he has won 17 of his last 18 matches.

Quad County vs. New Ulm

106 Brandes, Carter defeated Wilke, Hunter U{Fall 1:05}

113 Bode, Jackson defeated Kluver, Luke U{Fall 0:52} 120 Syverson, Nick defeated Forfeit, U{Forfeit}

126 Bertrang, Jacob defeated Jackson, Javier U{Maj Dec 11-2}

132 Ranweiler, Cole defeated Ohliger, Sam U{Fall 1:40}

138 Hawk, Sean defeated Grund, Jacob U{Fall 0:51}

145 Ranweiler, Hunter defeated Friese, Ayden U{Dec 1 - 0}

152 Stark, Tanner defeated Todd, Tristen U{Tech Fall 15-0}

160 Miller, Lane defeated Forfeit, U {Forfeit} 170 Forfeit defeated Forfeit, {Double Forfeit}

182 Forfeit defeated Forfeit, {Double Forfeit}

195 Fischer, Cole defeated Forfeit Q{Forfeit}

220 Schmidt, Bryce defeated Wenninger, Colby Q{Fall 1:02}

285 Wolf, Hunter defeated Forfeit Q{Forfeit}

New Ulm 48, Quad County 18

Quad County vs. Marshall

106 Roth, Connor defeated Wilke, Hunter M{Maj Dec 12-0}

113 Khee, Hsa defeated Kluver, Luke M{Tech Fall 16-0}

120 La, Hsa defeated Forfeit, M{Forfeit}

126 Hodges, Lucas defeated Jackson, Javier M{Fall 1:09}

132 Williams, Andrew defeated Ohliger, Sam M{Fall 6:01}

138 Louwagie, Grant defeated Grund, Jacob M{Fall 1:01}

145 Friese, Ayden defeated Forfeit Q{Forfeit}

152 Hughes, Jackson defeated Todd, Tristen (Quad County) M {Fall 2:35}

160 Sterner, Elijah defeated Forfeit, M{Forfeit}

170 Stahl, Zach defeated Forfeit, M {Forfeit}

182 Martin, Wyatt defeated Forfeit, M{Forfeit}

195 Bahr, Jaiden defeated Fischer, Cole M {Fall 0:18}

220 Schmidt, Bryce defeated Felcyn, Zach Q{Maj Dec 11-1}

285 Felcyn, Cole defeated Forfeit, M{Forfeit} Marshall 69, Quad County 10