YME students are gearing up for the annual SnoBall festivities. The winter tradition coincides with OIe & Lena Days and gives students a much needed break from the dreary days of winter and to celebrate what days are left of the season. The week of activities will kick off on Monday, January 29.

The 2018 SnoBall Royalty will be selected from the candidates (pictured above) on Friday, February 2 at 10:45 a.m. in the YME High School Auditorium.

There will be a different dress-up theme for every day of the week. The complete schedule is as follows:

Monday: Sports Day (Jerseys, team clothing, sports gear, etc.)

Tuesday: Woke Up Like This! (PJ Day)

Wednesday: Character Day (TV, movie, book, etc)

Thursday: Throwback Thursday (the 50s - 90s)

Friday: Meme Day (Dress up like an internet meme).

There will also be activities and events peppered throughout the week. Beginning on Tuesday, students can compete in teams against each other in their own version of the Fear Factor competition. Teams will consist of five students and will cost $20 per team.

There will be four daily elimination competitions. The top three teams still standing by the end of the week will win a cash prize. The competitions will occur during the regularly scheduled advisory hours.

There will also be a point competition where students can earn points for their grade by dressing up, participating in competitions, attending basketball games, and creating posters to support the sports teams.