The Lac qui Parle Valley Eagles flew down to the Hive last week. Bennet Knapper started the Sting off with two 3 point shots. Shortly after, Jahrell Ischmon took a shot from the outside, and rebounded himself to score. The Sting did a great job passing the ball around, building up a 10-2 lead. LqPV got on a hot streak, catching up 15-14. Dalton Anderson came in to bolster the Sting defense and almost instantly landed an impressive block. The Eagles started hitting a lot of shots from the outside, as well as winning rebound battles. YME finished the first half down 25-40.

During the second half, the Eagles kept good control of the pace, maintaining around a 20 point lead. Later, the Sting managed to slow down and control the ball, but it wasn’t enough to catch up. The final score was 63-82. Bennet Knapper lead the Sting with 21 points, including five 3 point shots. Carter Sneller followed with 15 points, three 3 point shots. Jahrell Ischmon lead in rebounds with six, and he also scored six points.

YME Points: Nicky Lindstrom 6, Bennet Knapper 21, Carter Sneller 15, Ethan Peterson 11, Jahrell Ischmon 6, Trent Skjefte 4

3-point shots: Knapper 5, Sneller 3, Peterson 1

Free throws: Lindstrom 2, Sneller 4, Ischmon 2

Assists: Skjefte 1 Blocks: Anderson 2 Rebounds: Lindstrom 5, Knapper 3, Sneller 5, Ischmon 6, Skjefte 4, Anderson 3

Steals: 1


Points: Austin Bonn 23, Caden Bjornjeld 16, Eean Alpress 7, Issac Gerdes 10, Evan Benson 2, Ross Olson 8, Braiden Kittleson 9, Tucker Droogsma 2, Thomas Daniels 5

3 point shots: Bonn 5, Bjornjeld 3, Gerdes 1, Kittleson 1

Free throws: Bonn 6, Bjornjeld 1, Alpress 1, Gerdes 5, Kittleson 2, Daniels 1

Assists: Gerdes 1

Rebounds: Clark 1, Bonn 3, Bjornjeld 5, Alpress 1, Hegland 1, Benson 4, Olson 2, Kittleson 3, Daniels 1

Steals: Bonn 1, Gerdes 1